Nopills is the definitive professional nutrition management software for nutrient analysis and one-screen research.

Mission: Nutritional

The world's fastest nourisher.

Here are some examples of NOPILLS nutrition action tools -- made to build power diets:

* Find hundreds of sources for individual nutrients -- in seconds
* Investigate nutrient content in more than 5,000 foods in -- comparative tables!
* For each nutrient, you end up with your absolute favorites -- at lightning speed!!!
* Easily exclude unwanted food types from your reseach
* Get a quick, visible handle on your nutrient deficits and excesses
* Use NOPILLS as a powerful meal-planning and research tool
* Dancing graphics respond instantly to your entries and scrolling
* Print out meals, groceries, banquet supplies, and more
* Modify personal targets for fats(3) / proteins / carbs / calories / male / female / pregnant
* One click seperates 23 FOOD GROUPS for targeted research
* One click shows up to 400 most- (or least) powerful sources for each nutrient
* Our databse breaks out TYPICAL food portions -- OR 100-gram (or ounce) portions
* Build and save your own entreess/products/meals/recipes
* There are a dozen pre-sets for users, saving them from repetition
* Our Power Foods tables compares up to 400 foods for all-round vit-min power
* Use NOPILLS in food-service, research, education or health-care (Full version)
* Generate and print RDI tables, Nutrition Facts, grocery lists etc. (Full version)
* Create and save unlimited volumes of menu file by type  (Full version)
* Create and save custom vit-min target files for your clients (Full version)


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