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There is nothing in nutritional substitutes that is superior to whole foods. They aren't foods. Modern scientists have almost no idea what's in a ripe tomato that makes it contribute to a body's health. According to them, a tomato has about 28% of daily recommended intake (RDI) of vitamin C, plus an average of 3% of 15 different vitamins and minerals. The surge of goodness and energy it delivers to the stomach is not detected in a one-a-day pill that supposedly has perhaps 33 times that much nutrient. But yet, you'd need 33 tomatoes just to cover off those non-vitamin-C nutrients. The conclusion is that the work done by whole food is far greater than the sum of its "parts", and by that we mean "known parts". But they keep on manufacturing those hundreds of "miraculous" products available by mail-order that promise perfect daily nutrition. Some of them even prescribe two tablespoons of magic powder per day which when the content is calculated would require a whole tub of the powder every day! The vits and mins are expensive to process, yet useless. A sweet potato, tomato, cantaloupe or fillet of halibut is fun, fit and even entertaining to eat.

"But minerals are different," you might say. It's a known fact that veggies and fruits "process" minerals from the soils into micro and ionic particulates small enough to be absorbed across the stomach membranes. The particulates are expensive to extract, so many manufacturers take raw minerals and grind them into powder for the pills. That's bad enough, but the processing and pharmaceutical industries forget about the all-important natural sugars and oils in company with their plant foods, and then offer up toxic products such as rapeseed oil, aspartame and GMO "staples" such as soybean and corn which are the cause of obesity and dozens of types of cancers and diseases.

There's no doubt about it: whole foods are seriously implicated in good health. The NOPILLS database shows both the good (coconut and avocado and everything that grows organically) and the bad (cereals and processed foods) so that users can compare contents of the "good" against that of the "bad". The golden rule should be simply to stay away from processed foods and chemicals, which now are as prevalent in frozen entrees as they were a decade ago in jars and cans and just about every other kind of package. A second rule is "eat raw", a third might be "eat home-made" from the delis.

The program uses typical but easily modified serving sizes from a database of more than 5400 food items. The software performs many functions and unique shortcuts to convert the task of nutrition management and diet analysis to a cakewalk. As a food and nutrient guide combined with powerful diet and meal management strategies, it quickly exposes nutrient deficiencies when users sees what is generally missing from what they're eating. Even a focus confined to fats, proteins and carbs can reveal deficiencies and excesses. Dieting tips can quickly reveal themselves while the program delivers nutrient content graphically; the color bars are key feature in spotting them.

The Windows-based software helps you build menus, check your daily intakes, print and save recipes and entrees, select and save product or meal ingredients, check daily RDIs, change fat-protein-carbohydrate formulas, change gender and metric-vs-English weights, change calorie targets, print grocery lists, and sort by food group to discover which nutrients favor certain products of nature. For example, a click of the mouse yields a Top 200 report on the leading (or poorest!) sources of any nutrient -- or carbohydrate, or protein, or type of fat, or even cholesterol if that's important to users. The FULL VERSION of Nopills produces full and printable RDI reports, allows changes to all vitamin or mineral targets, prints out official Nutrition Facts reports, and produces client files for nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths, homeopaths or hospitals.

Meanwhile, watch 27 nutrient color bars dance back and forth as they translate the content into visual results -- as fast as your computer can scroll with the down-arrow!  Planning a perfect Sunday-to-Saturday meal regimen now could be ten or even 50 times as fast as before, and the meals can be much more varied and more nutritious than before. There will be no more need for nutrition reference texts and a better balance in diets, based on the knowledge and experience of licensed dieticians. Perhaps dietetics also will be many times easier and more eclectic to create.

With NOPILLS software it is possible to build variety into recipes without ever having to break the rules. The program's high-speed background functions make it hyperactive and integrated with the user's input. Simple clicks do the work, but if you want to change a standard portion from 85 grams to 140, all you do is type "140" and ENTER, or just press ENTER to select the standard portion. That's just a sample of much more to come -- and all of it on the same screen with a few data tables added in. There are tool tips (hints that can be turned off) that guide you along. The program is widely praised as "extremely intuitive", in that before long the user will use peripheral vision on the color bars to spot nutrient anomalies such as surpluses and deficits. Some of these may be due to errors in the USDA database.

It's been said that most people are "walking vitamin-deficients". They may not feel the toll until they're 50, but this program has the power to reveal them very quickly: e.g., vita D, C, B12, E, and often calcium, magnesium and three or four other minerals. 'Tis a far, far better thing you do when you take them "natural" -- from raw and/or grown food.

NOPILLS software is ideal for:

PERSONAL USE: meal planning and nutrition enhancement, fulfilling dietary requirements, building recipes, identifying eating habits that boost weight, identifying fat content, finding new sources of powerful natural foods*

NUTRITIONISTS, DOCTORS, DIETICIANS: meal planning, finding alternative natural foods, low-carb, high-nutrient or low-fat recipes, dietetic meal planning, nutrient analysis and research, finding unique client or patient recommendations

RESTAURANTS, CATERERS, FOODSERVICE: meal and menu planning, grocery planning and purchasing, cost economics, recipe development following dietary guidelines, grocery lists, Nutrition Information tables

FOOD PROCESSORS: product content planning, recipe and frozen entree development, Nutrition Information tables, nutrition research, cost economics

HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, RETIREMENT AND CARE HOMES: nutrition management, development of natural meals that meet dietary requirements, nutrient comparisons, nutrient content of raw or cooked foods, nutrition education, diet management for weight loss or chronic illnesses, cost economics

* NOPILLS Personal Version does not include Nutrition Facts tables, Client File-making, RDI Report tables, specific functions for product development


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